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[Science Talk Concert] Can science answer the question of being?
2.13(Wed) 16:30~18:00 / Auditorium
It seems that the study of the vast universe recently explored by astronomy is not related at all to that of the
ultramicroscopic world found by particle physics, but that is an important topic asking fundamental questions to the
human existence. Under the theme of “Can science answer the question of being?”, this science talk show interprets
science, rediscovers human beings, and derives significant conclusions with intriguing stories about science,
by using various scientific episodes throughout history and society. Mr. Jong Woo Won, the President of Science
with People, Inc., and the chair of “Let’s Do Science,” the popular science podcast with over 5 million hits, will host
this science talk show with other two guests.
Mr. Jong Woo Won
President of Science with People, Inc.
Science Communicator
Dr. Myung Hyun Rhee
Ph.D. in Astronomy
CEO of GALDAR, Science Bookstore
Ms. Jin Young Choi
Contents curator, Science with People, Inc.
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