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Pyeongchang, Gangwon-do
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It is the Alps of Korea, located at 700 metres above sea level. Please let us introduce to you “Happy 700” PyeongChang with the pure nature and culture.
The Symbols of PyeongChang
The royal azalea represents the diligence and warm-heartedness of the community. The needle fir symbolises the nature-loving people of PyeongChang. The mandarin duck stands for a happy marriage and harmony.
The Flower of PyeongChang - The Royal Azalea
The strong, resilient royal azaleas can be found at the feet of mountains, around cliffs, and near rivers. The flowers are diligent, as they bloom early in the spring, and they represent PyeongChang, since they are widespread in this area. Their powder-pink hue symbolises passion and the warm-heartedness of the community. Its delicate fragrance represents democracy and the unlimited possibilities of PyeongChang County. In the language of flowers, the royal azalea stands for the 'joy of love.'
The Tree of PyeongChang - The Needle Fir
The needle fir is an evergreen tree, representing the people of PyeongChang, who coexist with nature. The green colour of the leaves symbolise the pure and promising spirit of the people, while the straight shape of the leaves and branches represents the righteousness and resilience of PyeongChang residents. Its fruit in autumn signifies unlimited success and prosperity for PyeongChang County.
The Bird of PyeongChang - Mandarin duck
Mandarin ducks, which inhabit the entire region, symbolise a harmonious marriage and the unity of PyeongChang’s people. Mandarin ducks usually live in clean rivers and ponds. These birds are reminiscent of the peaceful countryside, with its bountiful fields and relaxed hometown atmosphere.
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